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Gergely Lőcsei
architect, interior designer

born: 1988

works and lives in Budapest, Hungary 

I’ve been observing the built environment on a daily basis for over fifteen years. Sunlit spaces, natural materials and fresh atmospheres characterize the spaces I design, whether I’m working on apartments or hospitality units. I believe that beyond subjective perception, there are certain psychologically explicable recurrences in the way we relate to the environment. I aim to put the human being in the centre throughout the whole design process, based on environmental psychological observations rather than aesthetic or narrative content. I respect nature and the heritage of our built environment and I’m constantly thinking about ways of reducing our footprint on the planet. Supporting local craftsmanship and being present during the whole building process is also an essential part of my job. I see design and construction as a social activity that is not something to be done as quickly as possible but to enjoy the pleasure of working together.

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